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Diversified Security Corp.

Kansas City, MO


Bryan Parrott has been leading Diversified Security Corp for 25 years while serving in law enforcement and in the military for over a 30 years. He is a veteran of Security on all levels.

Bryan entered the United States Air Force in 1985 as a Security Specialist & Law Enforcement Officer. His primary function was Nuclear Weapons Security. While in the Air Force Bryan earned a degree in Industrial Security.

Bryan left the Air Force in 1989 and in 1990 formed a Virginia Corporation providing electronic and corporate security for General Dynamics. While serving under this contract, Bryan's Company provided executive protection for William Anders, CEO and Apollo 8 Astronaut and the rest of the board of directors while in Virginia.

Bryan Parrott left Virginia after the cold war ended and reorganized as owner of a Missouri Corporation, Diversified Security Corp. In 1995, While operating the business, Bryan entered the Missouri

State Water Patrol and finished his career as a Master Sergeant in the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

During his 22 year carrier in Law Enforcement, Bryan earned a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and served 10 years on SWAT. Bryan has built his newly reorganized security business around electronics video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, fire systems, commercial sound, home theatre and security consultation.

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